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Khizra Zaheer Author of The Moon Has My Heart

Khizra Zaheer

The Moon Has My Heart

Khizra Zaheer is a digital media marketer by profession covering a wide array of writing/journalism projects, social media management, brand promotions, and campaign creations for almost a span of 10 years. She is the founder at (a place all about tech, brands, entrepreneurship, and women empowerment), social media influencer, and blogger. She is also involved in promoting entrepreneurship, creating brands, reviewing technology and startups, and moving digital round the clock.

Her passion also turned her into a poetess that is being greatly admired and appreciated by her readers and followers on social media. She is born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Having the number of years’ experience in the professional field, her work is appreciated well in the industry. She presented her first poetry book, “The Love Fantasy; You in Me”, in 2018 that greatly grasped the hearts of poetry lovers across the world.

With all her deep, powerful, and beautiful words, she wants to help the world by acknowledging the pain of people and helping them to heal.  Her poetry is adored by thousands of international artists in their art canvases, crafts, and journals across the social media.

Publishing Experience with Auraq

When it comes to make a book and present it to people, obviously it takes a lot of efforts. After writing a book with your whole heart, one of the biggest phases is to make it to the right hands for publishing and I am really glad that my book, “the moon has my heart” went in the most trusted and eminent publishing house.

Really, I found Auraq Publications trustworthy with the best services from the first step to last. The whole system is transparent and smooth from proofreading to editing and printing book copies to royalty disbursement and this marks their higher professionalism in the industry. Before coming to Auraq, I searched out the publishing market and most of the publishing houses could not come up with satisfactory answers that the author usually expects. However, in all the ways, Auraq is serving authors as well as readers and stimulating the readership aspect in Pakistan.

I would definitely recommend authors to grab Auraq’s services for having their hard work published and recognized without any hurdles. ~ Khizra Zaheer

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