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An incredible story that let’s one meet Lazuline by just an ordinary but an extra ordinary question: “Who I am?” A detailed Book Review by Mah Rameen

Even if….an utterly unputdownable and exceptionally remarkable book. The book focuses on the need to dive deep in the soul and come out clear and pure with all the enigmas resolved, setting on the quest to find realms of divine talents which Almighty Allah has buried in you. Lazuline; enchantress of the Sea of Soul actually mesmerizes the reader by creating the trance of her words and her prismatic personality.

Even if’ by Momina Hafeez; a master piece in my words. It covers all the aspects of life so efficiently…the challenges one faces and the struggles one goes through. The story of Tabeer as the name depicts; a dream. A dream that’s meant to come true. A desire to know one’s own soul. A wish to know the secrets of the soul. A journey to get lost in the mesmerizing beauties of soul.

An incredible story that let’s one meet Lazuline by just an ordinary but an extra ordinary question: “Who I am?” getting nature’s answer, the Sea of Soul, where magic comes to life. Meeting Lazuline that opens a new gate of the wondrous world of magic. A search to know your own soul. The message from the sea to never forget the lesson of water; to adapt change. The water where the beauty of acceptance and tolerance is disclosed. The message that the sky conveys to spread peace and be forgiving.

An elegant blend of fantasy and realism. The book reveals the secrets to attain peace in life, the reality of bonds, the strength and love of these bonds. Specially, the birds that touched me the most. The special bonds that one forms, take the shape of beautiful birds. One’s bond with mother, the territory of The External Bond. The place where you never feel sad or angry. Once you enter that place you feel more relaxed than ever.

The book shows the delightful  way to just focus on your inner self and never let the storm come your way. People make fun of Tabeer because of her belief in magic…well people will be there to make fun of your beliefs and goals ever but to never allow them rattle your spirit and keep on aspiring and working hard for more and more is the real strength of your inner self. But there are also some people always standing  behind your back, looking after you and waiting to see you accomplish what you have always been working for. You have to work for them, struggle for them, achieve your dreams for their happiness, for your own bonds, for the enchanting beauty of those birds.

The sky, that’s a completely covered scenery of the trials, tribulations, hardships and happiness as well. A dilemma, whether to look for only happiness or to search for the peace in the moments of sadness. The sky shows me that sometimes even your the nearest, dearest and strongest bonds need some time. Giving some time to your loved ones, often strengthens your bond more with them than ever. All beauty lies in understanding one another, in beautifying one’s birds and in balancing the sky of your own world.

The mountains tell another story to stand firm, no matter what situation you may be in, to never give up, stand upright through thick and thin. To never give up is the only key to face the ups and downs of life. Never giving up makes you even stronger than you think you ever would.

The book depicts the picture of the reality of mankind. The creation of man; the reality of dust. The authoress reminds us of our reality that we are made from dust. She hinted to the verse of Holy Qur’an “And of His(Almighty) signs is that He created you from dust, and behold, you’re human beings spreading far and wide!”

The Linchpin point; the core of the sea of soul, the gate to control the emotions. Gusty; a giant eagle that flies in the whole sky, Baobab; the tree that happens to move in the whole forest, even Lefty and Righty, everyone and everything is filled with the bunch of secrets, powers and strength. Each and everything stated in this book carries the secrets of the soul. The secrets that can lead you to the core of your soul. The only way to know your soul. The only way to dive into the sea of soul. The world full of fireflies of hope!

The best part of the book is five scrolls. Those five scrolls at the end are the recapitulation of all the themes of the novel. The  Sea Scroll, The Sky Scroll, The Tree Scroll, The Mountain Scroll, The Dust Scroll and the last and the most important scroll that carries a letter from Lazuline: “Rise high like the clouds of the sky, Bond strong like the trees of the forest, Stand tall like the mountains of the valley, Remember your reality like the dust of the lands. The Sea of Soul and its beauty depends on you!”

And finally, Tabeer’s speech was something quite appreciating. The dream of Tabeer is really significant which awakes the reader from the deep slumber and tells that “The magic is inside of you.”

All the characters are just built fantastically. The way Lazuline describes the inner messages of soul, the strength of bonds and especially to create a pearl of hope and joy out of pessimism really proved to be worth concerning.

Tabeer’s belief about magic and finally getting its secret taught me that there’s nothing impossible and non-existent. You can create and feel whatever you want. This magical book has enchanted me. It can enchant you as well.

The authoress of “Even If” did an awesome work. Thank you for writing such a fantastic book!


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