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Done with writing your book and now searching for a publisher? Have a lot of questions in your mind? Read this Q&A-based article where we tried to answer all of your questions.

How can I self-publish my book with Auraq?

Publishing book with Auraq is really simple and convenient now. If you have your book completed and ready, you can register as Author at Auraq, share your content for review purposes and sign the agreement for publishing your book. Once done, we proceed further for proper publishing with ISBN and printing copies. After getting published, you choose to sell your books through Auraq and other online or offline bookstores. Auraq helps your market, your published book, and distribute it, too.

How does POD (Print on Demand) Work at Auraq?

Print on Demand or POD is a popular way of publishing a book with no copies printed in advance. Your book gets published and is available to buy online through our website. Once someone orders, we print the copy(s) and dispatch. This process takes 2-3 working days at max. The author gets his/her royalty as decided in the agreement.
Auraq may print few copies for its own record, or display with a quantity of 10 or around.

What is the minimum number of copies I can publish with?

At Auraq, through POD (Print on Demand) service, books can be printed as low as a single copy. But at the start, the author has to buy first 30 copies. No restriction of minimum copies later on.

How much does it cost to get published with Auraq?

It varies depending upon different things like paper quality, binding type, number of copies to be printed, and final book size. The author is informed prior to the agreement with all related details.

How much time is required for publishing at Auraq?

With the print-ready files of work, we require 10 working days for POD and 15-18 working days for offset publishing. This does not include the time for review or any other editorial service.

Does Auraq market the book?

Yes, Auraq markets the books with online and offline booksellers, including distribution in all major cities of Pakistan. It also depends on the way it is published, normally POD books are not marketed offline.

Does Auraq provide ISBN?

As Auraq is a registered publishing house with an ISBN agency, holding publisher number 7868 in Pakistan, so it assigns ISBN to all the books published by Auraq Publications.

Who owns the intellectual right of the book published at Auraq?

We respect authors and give value to their work. All Intellectual right of the book remains with the author, and Auraq holds the rights to publish, sell and distribute the agreed edition of the book solely.

How is the printing quality Auraq produces?

Auraq always comes up with quality books when it comes to printing. We prefer the author’s choice, but normally we use 80-100gsm imported white paper for inside printing, and a 300-gram art card laminated for paperback cover with perfect binding. The final finished books look like what any author or reader expects

How do I know about the sales of my book?

Auraq has introduced the Author Dashboard, where an author can log in and see his/her real-time book-selling report with some useful details as well, like royalty, the total number of copies ordered, who ordered, from where, and order status.

Which genres did Auraq Publish books for?

Auraq is open to publishing books for all genres and categories, as long as their content is worth publishing and meets our standard guidelines.

In which format Auraq accepts the Manuscript and Title Cover?

A book can be submitted in MS Word document format, or if it’s ready-to-print then maybe as PDF as well, with the below settings:
Document Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″ (w x h in Inches)
Margins: 0.75″ from four sides (size in Inches)
If images are used, their resolution should be 300dpi.

Book Cover can be submitted as PDF, of PSD (photoshop file) or any other editable format with the specifications below:
Color Scheme: CMYK
Resolution: 300dpi
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″ (single side, w x h in Inches)
Bleed Area: 1″ from four sides.

How much royalty Auraq offers?

Auraq offers 60% royalties out of profit on each sold in the POD model. It also depends upon various things. It is decided in agreement with the author before the process starts

Does Auraq help authors publishing books over

Auraq helps authors to make his/her book available over the biggest marketplace in the world; As per the policy of, only English books are eligible to display over for both, Kindle and Paperback.

What delivery options Auraq has for book buyers?

Auraq delivers books through COD (Cash on Delivery). For speedy delivery, we deliver books via some of the best courier companies in the town. We also accept advance cash or direct bank transfer.

Does Auraq deliver overseas?

Auraq delivers books all over the world via the best courier companies including FedEx and DHL. For international buyers, the COD (Cash on Delivery) facility is not available but only advance or direct bank transfer.

What is Auraq and when it was Established?

Auraq Publications is a well-functional book publishing house in Pakistan. It was established in 2018 with the aim to provide an Author-Centric platform for authors to get their self published with utmost ease.

How many Authors and books Auraq has published so far?

Auraq has published 100+ books and 100+ authors so far within the last year and is continuously publishing books every month with various content and new authors around the globe.

Is my work safe with Auraq?

Your work is completely safe with Auraq. Once you submit your work, we take care of its security and safety, and never present it anywhere without the permission of the author. If you submit your work for review and later on, for any reason, you do not proceed to publish with Auraq, we never use it anywhere and we truncate it safely.

Still, have a Question?

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